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Hungry for more of God?

We human beings were designed and built to live relationally close to God. 'Rivers of Living Water' is a 30 week Bible study course divided into a manageable five blocks. The second block of studies 'Walking with God' gets underway on Sunday 22nd of Sept 6:30pm at the church. The cost is minimal and the studies are pitched for everyday persons. Everyone is welcome. Don't miss it.

Rivers of Living Water - Bible Study for the Hungry

One Big party!

With the generous support of individuals and businesses, last year's Tawa Community LightParty entertained over 300 children with food, music and the 'Tawa Idol' talent quest. Here are some pics!

Tawa Community LightParty 2012

Sunday Morning Live

Everyone knows that on the first Sunday of the month we go alternative big time. This is the day when the people of the church get out of their seats and have a chance to share what God's been doing in their lives. We get the kids in and fellowship, worship and learn together. There's something for everyone, in fact you might sometimes wonder if this is actually church? Check it out!

There is quite often all sorts of different things happening in and around Tawa New Life. To make sure you're up with the goss' the best place to be is in church on Sunday mornings, here you'll pick-up a bulletin, any last minute announcements, and you also get the chance to come into the presence of the most high and worship with other believers!.