About Us

We are a Bible-based church, that believes that every follower of Jesus Christ is called to be a fully participating and functioning part of the body of Christ. We believe that rich fellowship with other Christians is an essential component of a believers development toward maturity.

We are an autonomous church in terms of vision and governance, and a member of New Life International/New Life Churches of New Zealand.


Our current Senior Pastor is Pastor Janine Morgan. She is supported by a team of 4 leaders, who meet regularly for oversight, planning and prayer. Many others also make valuable contributions of their time, energy and giftings serving in the life of our fellowship.

What to expect

We enjoy having variety in our meetings together, which will usually incorporate a time for singing, for prayer, a message from the Bible, and receiving personal prayer. Concurrently with the message segment a separate program is available for pre-school to 14 year olds. An important time is the cup of tea or coffee after the service, where there is opportunity to talk, share and encourage each other.


We believe that God, the creator of all things, designed and made mankind expressly for personal relationship with Himself. There is much wonderful mystery hidden in those words. Our vision for this church is that together as one community, we grow in our relationship with God, through worship, study and service, and in so doing individually and corporately communicate to the wider community the good news that there is forgiveness of sin available in Jesus Christ to all who turn to Him.